Barbara Goldberg & Associates: Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies

Barbara Goldberg & Associates brings a wide array of methodologies to each evaluation. We are experienced in all levels of quantitative analysis and have a depth of experience in qualitative methods that so many human service organizations must rely on to complete a rich evaluation.

When available, we use existing valid and reliable tools. However, when needed, we develop and refine instrumentation and qualitative methodologies with leadership and staff input to assure that all information important to measuring impacts is captured and analyzed.

Barbara Goldberg & Associates has extensive experience integrating national cross-site evaluations, as well as fitting required data collection tools into an organization's evaluation plan.

"Barbara Goldberg’s qualitative evaluation approach complements data based, quantitative analysis, producing a comprehensive understanding of the program’s outcomes, findings and results. This combination of evaluation techniques informs future grantmaking and improves program services.
Jane Moore, retired Director of Program Development and Evaluation, Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Resources for Finding the Best Evaluation Methods

The National Institute of Health Environ-mental Sciences publishes an excellent resource on evaluation metrics. You can review this document by clicking on this link NIHES.

Another excellent resource the reviews evaluation methods is from the Innovation Network - Developing and Implementing an Evaluation Plan, Section 5: Evaluation Methods