Barbara Goldberg & Associates: Context Analysis

At Barbara Goldberg and Associates, before we begin an evaluation we take time to understand the community the program serves and all related program nuances. Together, the evaluator and leadership team step back and examine the program, intervention, or intended impact from a:

  • local,
  • regional,
  • national, and
  • global

perspective to fully understand the influences the external environment has on services. Throughout the evaluation process, Barbara Goldberg & Associates will revisit with leadership and staff any changes within the environment in which the program works. We will make mid-course adjustments to the evaluation plan and process as needed to address changes in the environmental context surrounding the program.

"I had the priviledge and honor of working with Barbara as our Program Evaluator for many years at a private nonprofit social service agency serving central city, impoverished families in Milwaukee,Wisconsin. Many people are at a loss when it comes to understanding preteens, teens and their families. Others have lost faith in the ability to create the setting for positive change in the face of so many social challenges. For those of us who have dedicated many years to this passion, it is a true joy to find an evaluator who shares this understanding and serves as a true partner in creating effective programs."
Marty Kerrigan, retired Associate Director, Rosalie Manor Community and Family Services