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Barbara Goldberg & Associates: Capacity Building and Training

At Barbara Goldberg & Associates, we view each evaluation as a partnership supporting each program to produce the maximum benefits for participants and achieve the greatest knowledge for the organization at each step.

We consider training as part of our mission. We teach all staff and stakeholders about the planned evaluation study and the ways in which their involvement can enhance their own skill sets as it improves program effectiveness.  In presentations, workshops, on the phone, and electronically, we teach, coach, and encourage, so that all staff understand the evaluation objectives and methodology, and feel that they are an important part of the process

In community settings, we work with service participants in trainings and focus groups so that they understand program goals and the evaluation process, and can Barbara Goldberg consults with program staffprovide critical feedback about their experiences.  Through the evaluation process, participants learn new life skills and staff gain a battery of professional skills they can apply to new challenges within the organization.

Whether you are working with Barbara Goldberg & Associates on an established evaluation project or want to prepare your organization and staff to begin an evaluation, Barbara Goldberg & Associates offers a rich array of training opportunities.

"Barbara Goldberg and her team were able to effectively train agency staff in data collection and other components of an evaluation process. Barbara was able to fully engage all staff members resulting in complete buy-in on the importance of evaluation and how clients can be better served through enacting programatic improvements identified through the process."
Kathryn Posegate, MSW, former Project Coordinator, Strong Families Today and Tomorrow, Lake County Health Department