At Barbara Goldberg & Associates, Program Evaluations Matter

Since 1982, Barbara Goldberg & Associates, LLC has conducted program evaluations for educational, health care, social service, cultural, and philanthropic organizations that have led to improved effectiveness, expanded capacity and strengthened communities. We believe that program evaluations matter in the real world.

For us, program evaluations are not solely academic studies, but partnerships that:

  • value and involve program users;
  • give decision makers data they need for the future; and
  • inform the field with practical solutions.

Our individually designed evaluations prove the value of programs that are soundly developed, honestly assessed, responsibly refined, and efficiently executed. Such programs see participants thrive and organizations and communities flourish. Moreover, they earn continued investment from public and private funders.

Barbara Goldberg & Associates, LLC offers organizations a full array of evaluation services that includes:

Capacity Building supports and engages the whole organization in the program evaluation process, while building a strong partnership among leadership, staff and the evaluation team.

Training teaches staff and stakeholders about the planned evaluation study and the ways in which their involvement can enhance their own skill sets as it improves program effectiveness.

Barbara Goldberg consulting with a teacher

"With every service provider we meet who seeks improvement and every program we evaluate, our enthusiasm for our work grows. We truly believe that evaluations can show the difference your work makes for your participants and community."
Barbara Goldberg, Principal Consultant, Barbara Goldberg & Associates
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